Teaming up for their second book, authors Phil Harvey and Lisa Conyers have spent the past 24 months traveling across the United States interviewing business leaders who benefit from "corporate welfare" as well as talking with the people in the communities and businesses who are harmed by the diversion of taxpayer funds to the wealthy.

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Bailout Watch: Coal Subsidies

Phil Harvey WVHU interview

Lisa Conyers' Ground Truth interview

Indiana Policy Review
"What’s most remarkable about these policies is their variety and ubiquity. While today’s politicians — especially those vying for the presidential contest in 2020 — are proposing ways that the government should act to reduce income and wealth inequality, we ask, at the least, that the government stop making inequality worse."

Ringside Politics interview
Lisa Conyers, Author – Talked with Jeff about her book Welfare for the Rich: How Your Tax Dollars End Up in Millionaires’ Pockets—And What You Can do About It, federal & local governments giving tax dollars away, Chinese companies in US receiving government subsidies, and more.

ANDmagazine Interview & Article
Sam Faddis interviews Lisa Conyers on crony capitalism and welfare for the rich. She and her co-author Phil Harvey spent two years digging into the corrupt system which pumps your hard-earned tax dollars into the coffers, not of struggling small farmers or “mom and pop” businesses, but of giant multimillion-dollar corporations.

NY Daily News Op-Ed: Five reasons economic inequality remains all-American
There are many causes of economic inequality, and it doesn’t help when the rich are getting more than their fair share through tax abatements and tax breaks, grants and subsidies, regulations and tariffs skewed in their favor, and the many other many forms of rigging the system that we call corporate welfare.

Indiana Policy Review Article: Backgrounder: Welfare for the Rich
Our mission is to marshal the best thought on governmental, economic and educational issues at the state and municipal levels.

Success InSight Podcast with Howard Fox
Episode 2061: Our guests today on the Success InSight Podcast are Phil Harvey & Lisa Conyers. Phil & Lisa's newest book, Welfare for the Rich, is the first book to describe and analyze the many ways that federal and state governments provide handouts—subsidies, grants, tax credits, loan guarantees, price supports, and many other payouts—to millionaires, billionaires, and the companies they own and run.

Op-ed: Millions of Americans are unemployed, we need to make it easier for them to get back to work
Published on FoxNews here, and Yahoo! here.

On this week’s interview, Paul talks to Lisa Conyers. Lisa was a speaker at a Rio Grande Foundation event a few years back on the Human Cost of Welfare. Now, she has a new book “Welfare for the Rich” in which she details the numerous ways in which our tax dollars are redistributed by Federal and state governments.

NPR Crosscurrents Podcast
Deeper Discourse: The Search For Common Ground
This week on NPR Cross Currents we're focusing on civil discourse, corporate welfare, recent environmental happenings and mixing politics with spirituality-- with guests Peter Loge, Bruce Bond, Lisa Conyers and Linda Seger.

“Business for Breakfast" 7/1/20 - Welfare for the Rich by Phil Harvey
Business for Breakfast is fresh, fun, and guaranteed to start your business day the right way! Ken Morgan and Mark Asher host the Phoenix radio version of the show, and Francoise Rhodes hosts in Palm Springs, California. We take the best of Business for Breakfast interviews each week and pack them into this dynamic show.

The School for Startups Radio interview
Interview is appearing on 25 AM and FM radio stations and 23 Internet platforms.

Knock down the barriers to a quick recovery: After the coronavirus, we need to pave the path to growth

NewBooksNetwork Podcast Interview
Kirk Meighoo is a TV and podcast host, former university lecturer, author and former Senator in Trinidad and Tobago. He hosts his own podcast, Independent Thought & Freedom, where he interviews some of the most interesting people from around the world who are shaking up politics, economics, society and ideas.